DAC161S997EVM, Оценочная плата, ЦАП, 16-битный, DAC161S997

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DAC161S997EVM, Оценочная плата, ЦАП, 16-битный, DAC161S997

DAC161S997EVM, Оценочная плата, ЦАП, 16-битный, DAC161S997

картинка DAC161S997EVM, Оценочная плата, ЦАП, 16-битный, DAC161S997
5 000 руб.
Texas Instruments
Полное описание

The DAC161S997EVM is an evaluation module for DAC161S997, a very low power 16bit ?? digital to analog converter (DAC) for transmitting an analog output current over an industry standard 4mA to 20mA current loop. The DAC161S997 has a simple four wire SPI for data transfer and configuration of the DAC functions. To reduce power and component count in compact loop powered applications, the DAC161S997 contains an internal ultra low power voltage reference and an internal oscillator. The low power consumption of the DAC161S997 results in additional current being available for the remaining portion of the system. This board is designed as a 2-wire loop powered transmitter. It has a MSP430G2553 MCU which comes preloaded with a firmware which communicates with PC Software and can read/write DAC register according to the user input on PC software. Board also provides Isolation between PC and the MCU+DAC.

• Two wire loop powered configuration along with MCU helps prototyping remote sensor transmitter
• Isolated USB interface to PC
• Can be used with PC software or as a standalone transmitter
• Hardware configurable Error o/p current
• JTAG and GPIO header of MSP430
• 16 bit resolution
• Very low supply current of 100µA
• Pin programmable power up condition
• Simple HART modulator interfacing

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Содержимое КомплектаОценочная плата DAC161S997
Производитель ЧипаTexas Instruments
Номер Ядра ЧипаDAC161S997
Подтип ПриложенияЦАП
Тип Приложения НабораПреобразователь Данных
Вес, г250
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